WE Access

“Access and Control your business quick and easy everywhere all the time”

Our new Managed router service extension, powered by Cisco -Meraki, enables businesses to connect their various office sites using any existing Internet connection from WE and secure their data. WE Access new managed WiFi (Wireless LAN) provides also private wireless access for employees and a public WiFi network for guests in one fully managed, end-to-end solution. The service includes built-in security and handles over 100 users per access point. Plus, it grows with your business, from a single access point to a large network with thousands of access points is an easy and fast way. The service provides rich network reporting that allows decision making backed up by data, engage with your customers and Ability to monetize your Wi-Fi network by understanding users’ behaviors to increase revenuers or enhancing effective operations We Access is distinguished by providing your business with a monthly subscription, which saves you in bearing the costs of purchasing the devices and the service.

Features & Benefits

WAN connectivity optimization to priorities bandwidth allocation for selected applications
An IP-SEC VPN over Internet
A fully fledged firewall with unified threat management (UTM) that ensures it is automatically updated
Firewall - Intrusion Prevention System (IPS) - Anti-virus - Anti-malware
Application control i.e. bandwidth optimization by application
Dedicated User-friendly, web-based dashboard with powerful real-time network data and data analytics
Search for users by device type (iPad, Android etc.)
Locate clients across multiple sites with Google Maps integration
Monitor client or organization application usage
Access network summary reports

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