Voice plans for Business customer

  1. WE Ardy Business 55 or 80 bundle (upon customer request) will be the basic price plan for any new business landline contracts.
  2. Fair usage policy is applied as follows:
    • WE Ardy Business 55 (2,000 local minutes)
    • WE Ardy Business 80 (2,000 local + 750 National + 750 F2 WE mobile minutes).
  3. Value added services included in WE Ardy business 80 are (Caller ID, Follow me & waiting) services will be activated upon customer request.
  4. Bundle subscription fees include landline subscription fees & the cost will be added to invoice in VAS field.
  5. Bundle minutes to be used within the same month & unused minutes cannot be carried on to the next month.
  6. Customers will be charged on extra minutes out of bundle according to the current applied tariff and its value will be added to the next invoice.
  7. Upon subscription in WE Ardy business 80 F2M service can be activated upon customer request
  8. WE Ardy Business 80 customers are not eligible to subscribe in VAS packages (Bakaty & smart Business packages).
  9. Contracting fees excluding taxes and stamp.
  10. Bundle subscription fees excluding taxes
  11. WE Ardy business bundles are available ONLY for new contracts