Park your Line

All WE postpaid customers will be able to park and keep their lines for any duration starting from 1 month up to 1 year, without losing their numbers.

Service Fees: 


Service Fees

1 Month

10 LE

2 Months

20 LE

3 Months

30 LE

4 Months

40 LE

5 Months

50 LE

6 Months

60 LE

7 Months

70 LE

8 Months

80 LE

9 Months

90 LE

10 Months

100 LE

11 Months

110 LE

12 Months

120 LE

Terms and Conditions:

  • All postpaid (standalone/ Mobile Only) are eligible for this service .
  • The maximum period for suspension is one year .
  • The service monthly fees is 10 LE to be paid in advance, tax is not included.
  • Customer must pay all due amounts service fees, and taxes in advance.
  • After the suspension duration, the line will be re-activated.
  • The service is not available for any customer who has installments.
  • If the customer requests to re-activate the line before the agreed parking duration, the line will be re-activated normally without refunding service fees.
  • Customer can activate the service through retail stores only and he/she must be the owner of the line.
  • Customer will sign a commitment form to activate the service.
  • Customer can renew the service after at least one month from line reactivation.