Telegram Services

Local Telegram

  • Local Normal telegram
    • Telegram Price “till 40 words”: 30 L.E / Telegram
    • Telegram Price “more than 40 words”: Additional 30 L.E. (for every 40 words). 
  • Decorated paper
    • It is a decorated paper designed for congratulations, where the telegram will be written on.
      Decorated paper  price: 10 L.E.
  • Admin fees (Sending Registration)
    • Telegram Sender may request to be notified of the recipient's name & the date and time of the telegram delivery.
      Service price: 30L.E.
  • Admin free (Free Reply)
    • The recipient can send a reply to the telegram & it is paid by the sender.
      Service price: 30L.E.
  • Occasional templates
    • This type of telegram is printed on templates according to the subject of the telegram, as there are templates for:  wedding - Eid - Hajj - New Born - Success – Getting promoted - Condolences.
      Template price: 30L.E.
  • Extract official copy
    • It is a request to obtain an official copy with the name of the requestor, the telegram number, date, name of the telegram office, address, and personal data to present it to the official authorities in legal disputes, The copy of the telegram can be delivered upon the request of the prosecution; the original telegram can be only extracted based on an order from the Judge of partial matters
      Service price: 60L.E.

Note: the prices don’t include tax, 1 P.T. improvement, and 1 P.T. charity benefit to be added.

International Telegram

  • International telegram service fees for all the countries of the world is for 0.42 $  + 1 EGP /word, not including taxes.
  • Customers will be charged for international telegram service fees in Egyptian pounds based on the monthly average exchange rate.
  • International telegram service is valid for all home landline customers.